The Van-Media Pod ™

The Van-Media Pod ™ is an innovative, unique and custom-made product. As a next-gen digital media pod, it has been designed and developed for the LCV ( light commercial vehicle ) fleet market and facilitates location- and time-specific advertising and communications.
Have real impact with digital screens
You will know when and where your advert or message was seen, including on what day, at what time and the exact location. Based on the UK population and, of course, the number of screens deployed in your fleet, it is possible to achieve millions of impressions.  

An impact is generated when 1 person sees 1 communication message- advert
Content Creation & Management
Let our talented creative team go to work on your brief. Tod Screen Media will not only design exceptional video assets that will add measurable value to your business & customers, we will take care of the entire process of content management & delivery.  
What do the reports show?
The start and end times for the campaign
The number of times your advert or adverts played
The number of impacts your campaign achieved
Time of day reporting
Our technology enables raw campaign data, that allows client analyses to
provide value-added reporting, for example the diurnal distribution of
campaign delivery.
Automatic Environmentally Controlled Light Sensors
The screens incorporate environmentally controlled lights sensors which control the displays’ brightness to suit all ambient light conditions. The sensors ensure that the displayed content is optimised in various lighting conditions, including full sunlight and at night, are set at the ideal level to ensure there is no glare.
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