Installation & Maintenance

Our Products Are Built For Longevity To Withstand The Harshest Of Environments
The Van Media Pod
The Van-Media Pod™ is designed with simple installation in mind. Our onboard vehicle system control technology is designed to accommodate two media pods to be fitted to each vehicle (one on either side). Installation and minor conversion works are carried out to the highest standard by our skilled vehicular-engineering team.
Totally unique technological design
Our products are aesthetically designed to harmonize with and enhance the lines of specific vehicles and not look like an after-market fitting. They include an anti-vibration system, dynamic active cooling control, solar power, and advanced heat-exchanger thermal management technology.
Digital Vehicle Advertising
Digital vehicle advertising offers all the benefits of traditional Vehicle advertising with all the advantages of a targeted real time digital medium.
You can change your advertising message in realtime.
You can use different messages in different places or at different times.
You can get detailed campaign reports - what played when and where.
Our technology enables raw campaign data, that allows client analyses to
provide value-added reporting, for example the diurnal distribution of
campaign delivery.
The benefits
  • It is a dynamic medium – change your advert/ marketing communications instantly
  • Publish multiple adverts/ Marketing Communications – tell a story with a sequence of adverts
  • Target your ads/ comms – by time of day, day of week, or postcode or even by weather-ambient conditions
  • It's a moving medium - constantly sharing your message with existing and new customers
  • Measure precisely how many times your ad/ comms was played, and where
  • Street Level Digital Screens are highly visible, mounted at eye level, adverts and marketing communications are optimised for close to medium range, it provides a highly impactful and effective advertising & communications platform.
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