Tod Assured

Tod Technologies has developed a number of value added services.
Hardware Monitoring
Tod Technologies has developed and built a unique screen health status software monitoring infrastucture to provide immediate alerts that inform and allow our technical team to rectify and expediently resolve any issues that arise.
Optimising your campaign in real-time
TodAssured monitors the health of key components via a dashboard.

TOD ASSURED Optimising your campaign in real-timeTodAssured monitors the health of key components via a dashboard.We constantly fine tune the hardware platform to fully optimise all campaign advertising performance.TodAssured alerts and monitors the key components while tracking tolerances to ensure it can optimise campaigns without risking a reduction in hardware performance.
What do the reports show?
The start and end times for the campaign
The number of times your advert or adverts played
The number of impacts your campaign achieved
Time of day reporting
Our technology enables raw campaign data, that allows client analyses to
provide value-added reporting, for example the diurnal distribution of
campaign delivery.